The Txakoli Olatu is made from the local grape variety named “hondarribi zuri” in an own closed production vineyard of 15.7 hectares. It is a modern txakoli, with traditional notes of this type of wine.

This white wine is made using traditional methods, under exhaustive controls. We follow the latest trends in wine-making technology, which results in improved fermentation and high-quality wines.

When you serve the txakoli into your glass, it delivers sparkles of light and bright colours, combined withe the characteristic golden hues, as well as intense while fine fruity aromas that form a delicate ensemble.

797050 Olatu Txakoli 6 units 750ml
794773 Ilunabar Rose Txakoli 12 units 750ml

D’Angelo Vineyards has eight acres of vines planted in the Okanagan Valley on the renowned Naramata Bench and more are in the process of being developed. This makes Sal the first individual grower-vintner to produce wines in both Ontario and British Columbia.

D’Angelo Estate Winery produced its first vintage from its BC Winery in 2005.

756648 Pinot Noir 12 units 750ml
785930 Tempranillo 12 units 750ml
763113 Dolce Vita Rosso (Iced tempranillo) 12 units 200ml
653139 Cabernet Franc – Merlot 12 units 750ml

Fog Crest Vineyard is a family-owned vineyard located in the Russian River Valley on a ridge above the Santa Rosa plain planted to Chardonnay and Pinot Noir.

Visit the website at Fog Crest Vineyard.

744232 Laguna West Chardonnay 12 units 750ml
744233 Laguna West Pinot Noir 12 units 750ml

Thanks to the highqualityof its wines, the Château Clamenshas quietly established itself as a referenceforthe wines of the South West. Our production is the heir to a long tradition of enthusiasts: inspired bythe Romans whowhere the first tocultivate winein Fronton, developed by the Templars who lived in the region after their return from the Crusades and established theNégretteasautochthonousgrape, finally, by generations of our family of winemakers, who worked the lands of Château Clamens for over 150years...

791976 Domaine de Clamens 6 units 750ml
791977 Prestige ( Cab Franc & Negrette) 6 units 750ml
791978 Heritage (Cab Sauv, Syrah & Negrette) 6 units 750ml
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