Bohemian Spirits is hand-crafted, hand-corked, and hands-down the happiest bits from around the Rocky Mountains in a bottle. We're a fresh little distillery conveniently situated near the middle of nowhere, amidst the mountains in Canada's highest city.

882860 Forester Single Malt Oak Aged Gin
994020 Colossal Pink Gin (Soaked in Kootenay Huckleberries)
809765 Eclipse Coffee Liqueur

Our SPIRITS - We handcraft all our spirits with care using local and organic ingredients. Our distillers use a process and technique which enhances our spirits with the unique balance and essence of our fine flavours.

798916 1000 Islands Organic Moonshine 6 units 750ml
798917 Prescott rganic White Rye 6 units 750ml
798918 Whisky Jack Organic Rye 6 units 750ml
798919 Von Schoultz Organic Vodka 6 units 750ml

Established in 2016, Cold Lake Brewing & Distilling strive to give our consumers a top quality product sourced from, as many local producers as possible. All our vodka products are distilled in house, bottled by hand and capped with as authentic hand crafted wax seal.

788010 Hometown Vodka 12 units 750ml
788013 Honeyshine Vodka 12 units 750ml
793090 Honey Haskap 12 units 750ml
793088 Ultimate Caesar 12 units 750ml
807620 Elevate Espresso 12 units 750ml
800351 Variety Pack #1 – 3 Hometown, 3 Honeyshine. 3 Honey Haskap & 3 Ultimate Caesar 12 units 750ml
809472 Variety Pack #2 – 4 Hometown, 4 Honeyshine & 4 Ultimate Caesar    
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